Ana Giovinazzo’s artistic life began when she was seven, when she attended a ceramics workshop and created several pieces. It was there that she began to show her creativity and emotions.

Her passion for art and her constant search to consolidate her vocation inevitably led her to discover, through her work, the best ways to reflect what was going on inside her mind. Thus, with effort, she began to build a professional life in which she moved from inspiration to creativity and design as a result of her deep desire to leave evidence of her emotions and feelings.

Ana creates her pieces from beginning to end. She enjoys every stage, working hard on the sketches and making the casts for different pourings, including the addition of glass. Subsequently, the artist integrates the use of electric tools, which she has learned to master over time, including grinders, drills, electric sanders, polishers and welders. Each step has a special appeal to her, and it’s a process she utterly enjoys. In the end, the great physical effort it demands is forgotten along the way.

As a sculptor, and after years of modeling clay, making plaster molds and working resins with loads of different metals, she began to experiment with aluminum loads and transparent parts. This process defines her current work: “TRANSPARENCIES IN RESIN.” Resin is a difficult but noble material with which to work, as it can crack while solidifying and end up wasting much of the artist’s precious time. However, it is also where Ana finds the nobility in and potential of her sculptures.

Her work since 2003 is catalogued within different series, including “Geometries,” “The Universe and the Invisible,” “Nature” and her current work, “Emotional Outburst.”

Ana’s art can be defined as geometric pieces of pure and intense colors punctuated with impeccable edging and forms. In her last series, she focused on the evolution of her work through the years, while her current work underscore her endless passion at hints at surprises to come as continues showcasing her emotions and struggles in each stage of her life.

Ana’s restless nature always leads her to search for new challenges. Case in point, this desire to investigate and experiment led her, in 2015, to expand her approach to sculpture and knowledge of sculptural techniques and apply them to painting.

In the process of creating her new series of paintings, Ana plans the design of the frames, which she creates herself in medium-density fiberboard (MDF). From there, she allows herself to be free from all formal ties and plays with acrylics, without any pressure to be perfect. She also paints in cloths canvas and stainless steel plates, where she returns to search the perfection.

At the end of 2016, Ana surprised us with a show at MACBA Museum (Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires,) where she presented a selection of her sculptural and pictorial series, which communicated with one another, in the exhibition space.

Ana has exhibited her work in Brazil, Uruguay, United States, Principality of Monaco, Italy, France, England, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain and Argentina, her homeland. In Buenos Aires, she has exhibited at Borges Cultural Center, Recoleta Cultural Center, MACBA and art fairs such as arteBA and Expotrastiendas.